The Shock Of a New Paradigm – How Will People Cope?

If you don’t think that you’ll need to learn how to defend yourself, then read the following and watch the video.  The New American Zombies are coming!  Coach David

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 20th, 2012

In a previous interview Chris Duane, founder of Don’t Tread on Me, discussed the coming paradigm shift and how it may lead to Riots, Starvation and Bloodshed as a consequence of a populace that is completely unprepared to deal with a situation that may involve a breakdown in the US dollar and the unavailability of essential supplies like food, energy and medicine. As a complement to that conversation, the following micro-documentary further expands on the real possibility of a complete breakdown in the social fabric of America.

If the worst were to happen, and all of the systems on which Americans depend – things like just-in-time food transportation, law enforcement, medical response and the normal flow of commerce – were to suffer long-term disruptions, how long would it take for the relative peace and safety in America to devolve into complete pandemonium?

The problem is that when the dollar dies, I believe that all Fiat currencies and paper assets will die also.

This means no food, no fuel, no money, no jobs, and no hope. Even with the first shock-wave of this paradigm change we have already surpassed the suicide rate reported during the Great Depression.

…How do you think it will be when things actually get real bad?

…I believe that it will be catastrophically worse.

…I do want to warn everybody of one thing. Nearly 10% of the country, or 27 million American,s are on these drugs (psychotropics and SSRI’s). Please understand there is only a one month supply in the system. The kind of psychotic breaks that will happen when these people come off their drugs too fast, en masse, will be catastrophic.

When the dollar collapses we not only have to worry about the 7 to 10 day supply of fuel. We really need to worry about the one in ten Americans who will not be medicated when their paradigm collapses.

Chris Duane
Don’t Tread on Me 

Micro-Doc: The Shock of a New Paradigm:

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 20th, 2012


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