Stardate: 4/24

Stardate: 4/24

By Country Codger, on January 29th, 2012  Read at

Okay, it is a little melodramatic since I don’t have a starship Enterprise but I want to use this opportunity to explain the meaning of 4/24, which I am sure some of you know already, and to dangle my feet a little. (more on that in a moment.) I know some of this is going to sound a bit outlandish, but I am basing this on a lifetime of service to my country, research and yes, some intestinal discernment, you know, gut instinct. Since these are my personal feelings on the matter it is a lot like dreaming you are walking naked in front of everyone you know. And, you know me, I am always one to avoid controversy.

When I first left the National Security Agency I made a HUGE mistake. Since all my friends and associates had Top Secret Codeword clearances I guess I more or less assumed (and you know the danger there) that everyone knew what I knew. Big mistake. When I told my family what to do to get ready and how to get ready they were real close to having me committed. When I chose to not have a telephone and unexpected calls from Washington, D.C. started coming in on various members of my family’s phones, then they had to re-evaluate their opinions of my sanity.

At that point and time, some of my family suffered a paradigm shift. All of a sudden there was a reason to question their earlier opinions and begin to doubt the “official” story. It took another 12 to 15 years for most of them to realize that “normal” people didn’t do the things I had done.

One day my dad looked at my “official” resume and I could see he was deep in thought. I asked what was wrong, not knowing what he was looking at. “Son, I have known you your entire life and I don’t believe some of the stuff on this resume. How do you expect others to?” My response was, “Dad, I don’t. I just hope people will listen.” Dad responded, “Okay, let’s talk.”

Dad and I talked a long time that day and every day for several weeks. Some days he would get mad and go to the house and others he would just shake his head and puff quietly on his pipe. After numerous “strange” phone calls to his house and “weird” messages to relay to me he finally understood what I was saying. Suddenly, I had a staunch ally.

That is when I confessed to Dad my error and developed my Timeline. He never understood why but agreed that it was possible. So, if you promise not to crucify me, and if you do I’ll be in wonderful company, I will give you the timeline, or 4/24.

In 1990 when Desert Storm started up my dad called and said, “Is this it?” I told him, no, this was just the beginning that we still had a long way to go. His only response was “Gotcha”.

At this point let me inject something. When Bill Clinton became president I could not for the life of me figure out what had happened to my timeline. I looked back through my journal last night and realized how confusing the events were and how totally unexpected everything was. When I was asked about all that by various members of my family I told them that either the timeline had been accelerated considerably or this administration was by far the most evil administration we had ever seen. I was right. The Clinton administration was more evil that I could have possibly imagined. The body count was horrendous and having two major false flags was unbelievable.

After OKC I seriously thought that my timeline was way off and that I had better get to NM quickly. I stopped and prayed about the situation and realized that the devil was alive and well on Planet Earth and he/she lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. So I decided to trust once again in my intestinal prowess and a lot of prayer.

In 1997, after leaving a national high energy physics laboratory, I was asked what was going to happen on Y2K. At that time I had an excellent contract with GTE for Disney Communications to get them ready for Y2K, and I told several folks flat-out, “Nothing! It is a non-event.” Which, it was!

When 9/11 happened I had so many calls (these calls were on business phones, not mine) asking if I was safe, are you alright and other things because we had already discussed a massive false flag event.Between the first and second plane strike I had 8 calls and more followed the second aircraft.

My best friend (Teddy) and I had been discussing the economic collapse for years before it hit and we even laughed at the statistics when the market started cratering. What was so funny? A couple of country boys knew very well what was going to happen and got real close to when it was going to happen but the high rollers on Wall Street and Washington, D.C.  acted like it was unpredictable.

“Codger, what the hell does this have to do with 4/24?” Patience, Grasshopper.

In 2000 I used to tell people we had 12-15 years left to get ready. Take your time but get ready. In 2005 I used to say we have 7-10 to get ready. In 2010 I told people we had 3-5 years to get ready. In November of 2011 I started telling people we had from 4-24 months to get ready. 4/24, get it? I had originally thought that it would be 2015 before the NWO crowd would be ready to spring their trap. Now, after NDAA and so many things that have happened in 2011, and others that may happen soon, I have to say that I don’t think we have until 2015 to be prepared and ready for the financial collapse of our nation.

My information, my research and my sources still in the intelligence network have concluded that this “could” be the time line for global SHTF. Yes! There are many that disagree with me. Now here is the magic question that people ask me all the time and I know you will too, so I will bring it up here and now. “What are you watching for to know when it is time to bug out?” Am I right?

Here is my answer.

If you wait until they padlock your church, you are too late. If you wait until they come to collect you guns, you are too late. If you wait until you must have a pass from TSA/Homeland Security/FEMA to go from one state to another, you are too late. If the president, whatever his name is, declares martial law, you are too late. If the US dollar collapses you are too late.

I am going to dangle my feet. What is, “not too late”? War with Iran and/or Syria.

NOTE: For those of who have never been aboard a CH-53 (Super Jolly Green Giant) I will

A Super Jolly Green Giant (CH-53) with its cargo door open.

explain. The CH-53 is really an amazing helicopter. At the time (1970′s) the CH-53 was the only helicopter rated to do a barrel roll. It also has a rear cargo/gantry door, kind of like a drawbridge dropping down to offload cargo or personnel. If you are young enough and dum enough you can be dared to hang your legs off the edge of the gantry door while it is in flight, dangling your feet. It can travel at speeds of uo to 170 mph and it should scare the living you know what out of you. Anyway, that is the meaning of the phrase. So to translate, what I am doing is sticking my neck out!

If war with Iran or Syria starts up, look for it to escalate into a regional conflict which COULD escalate into a global war, WWIII. (Remember, the former Soviet Union is run by the same globalist that run the US , Israel, Europe and Japan. China is a wildcard because I do not have good reliable sources in China. But, I would be willing to bet 10 pounds of my best garlic that China is a globalist vassal state just like the rest. ((Kudos to Cunning Linguist of DTOM for researching the following video: ))

The collapse of the Euro. This is a very, very dangerous sign. If the Euro collapses I do not believe we have more than a few weeks or a month, possibly two at most, before it hits us, catastrophically.

Regular, permanent checkpoints on highways. This is a real bad sign that things have deterioratedalmost as far as they can go, not will go. It will get much worse than this. It will probably begin as checkpoints at state borders manned day and night.

False flag terror. I think everyone at this site knows what to watch for. Be looking for huge events, bombs, explosions, deaths of major political figures, i.e. Ron Paul or Michele Obama, that will prompt Congress and/or the President to pass legislation or executive orders to curtail free travel in the country. At this point you have hours, maybe a few days before the roads are clamped down. They will not try this unless they are logistically ready to shut down “major” highways in all states. This will be the beginning and will progress to any interstate border crossing. It may even cause some roads and crossings to be closed due to lack of personnel.

A suitcase nuclear bomb. I am sure most, if not all of you have read . In it I give you a

Supposed actual bomb picked up while coming in from Mexico.

possible scenario that 1-3 small nuclear devices could be detonated on US soil. At this time you have hours to reach your hidey-hole, not days and certainly not weeks. Another threat along this line is the US M-28 or M-29 style, man portable, Davy Crockett nuclear warhead. Now, do not mistake what I am saying. I am not saying that Osama bin Laden will get his hands on one and blow up New York. What? He’s dead? Prove it. ((Yes, I am being facetious because the poor guy died about 3 months after 9/11. He was in an American (on foreign soil) hospital on 9/11. Face it, bin Laden was killed at least 6 times in the mainstream news.))

Davy Crockett warhead is man-portable and weighs only 51 pounds.No, what I am saying is that this small, man portable warhead can be placed by a CIA asset (other than OBL) and do a great deal of damage in a major metropolitan area. If more than one is detonated simultaneously you will have literally hours to get to your refuge in safety.

What is the likelihood of this happening? I place in it the 75/25 category.That, by the way, makes it three times more likely it WON’T happen than it will. Then why do I mention it? Because I didn’t rule it out.

Witching Hour.

The critical time to watch for any or all of the above will be after the end of the Republican National Convention the week of August 27th. A whole heckuva lot depends on who the Republican candidate will be. Between the end of August and the 6th of November we need to be especially vigilant.

I think Gingrich’s star is a shooting star and will quickly fade. I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi is going to expose his bisexuality or not when she made her threat to him last week. I think eventually, Santorum’s pedophilia will come out, perhaps in the Sandusky case. Mitt Romney is just Obama Lite. (I’m sorry, that is another pun. Forgive me.) Am I a Ron Paul supporter? Yes, I am. And it is Ron Paul that will shake up the global elite’s whole time table.

Please, before I go much further, let me qualify myself. I hope and pray we can get the feisty little Constitutionalist into office, but think about the repercussions. Every president that has tried to put an end to the national bank franchise has had at least one assassination attempt against them. Andrew Jackson had at least 3, Lincoln had 5, Kennedy had the 1 to my knowledge and Ronald Reagan had 1. That one attempt changed his whole presidency, for the worse.

If Ron Paul wins the nomination, and that would happen because the RNC could not find another Republican corpse to dig up fast enough, but if Ron Paul wins, there would be at least one assassination attempt almost immediately. If, and I do mean if, he won the election, even so called “snipers” that got “Maggie’s Drawers” at the range would be hired to kill him and somehow made to look like a good ol’ boy did it so they could start the seizure of guns.

Now, if Ron Paul survived, would that stop the crash? NO! The US economy is going to crash and the sooner the better. But if Ron Paul won, our Constitutional protections would be restored and we could climb out of the debt pit and rebuild our nation. That is the last thing the globalist want to see.

Now, having said all of this let me emphatically state that I DO NOT want to the total collapse of my country. But the mathematical certainty of it is evident to anyone who can do the math. And for me not to prepare my family would be total stupidity, for lack of a better word.

Even if you do not believe in God, at the most basic level of humanity, everyone must know that they are the caretakers of the blessings of Nature. This status as a caretaker is called stewardship. There is a responsibility incumbent upon us to maximize our resources and to preserve and protect our families.

By the same token, as recipients of the legacy left to us by our ancestors, we should be good stewards of the blessings of LIBERTY. It is our duty, to our ancestors, to preserve, protect and defend the blessings of LIBERTY that they sacrificed their lives and fortunes to secure for us.

VOTE in 2012. Vote your conscience, yes! But more importantly VOTE FOR THE CONSTITUTION so that we will have the BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY to hand down to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Think enough of your descendants, born and yet unborn, to prepare for their safety during the coming trials of our great nation.

The president is just one man. Without good Constitutionalist at every level of government one man will be unable to accomplish much. Vote for Constitutionalist sheriffs, judges, District Attorneys, representatives at all levels of local, state and federal government. If we can’t win the presidency we can win the county or parish. If we can win the parish or county we can win a congessional district. Then we go for the state government and so on, until we fully restore our Constitution to its rightful place in our courts, legislatures, both houses of Congress, learning institutions and even in the hearts of our children.

We cannot wait another day to prepare, not with just food, gold, guns, ammunition, but we also have to prepare our hearts and our minds and those of our loved ones. If we must fight a battle, let’s fight it at the ballot box and not on the battlefield, if at all possible.

Good luck to you all and may God bless you in all your preparations!


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