Must-listen: Porter Stansberry interviews master speculator Doug Casey


From The Daily Crux:

We know many readers have already claimed their free subscriptions to Stansberry Radio — our colleague Porter Stansberry’s new weekly radio show — but this week’s episode is too good not to pass along.

This week Porter and co-host Aaron Brabham welcome renowned speculator and free market guru, Doug Casey. Longtime readers know Doug’s interviews are always worth a listen… and this one is no exception.

Doug shares his thoughts on a huge range of topics, including: Why “income inequality” has become so extreme… The unbelievable way he made his personal fortune… His prediction for this year’s U.S. presidential election… His take on the euro crisis and the “End of America”… What he’s doing with his own money today… And the one thing every investor should do immediately.

Listeners will also hear Porter’s secret for using trailing stops with the world’s best dividend-paying stocks, what Porter learned during his last vacation, and much, much more.

You can access the episode immediately by clicking here.


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