Do you teach kids to kill?

No.  First of all I teach everyone to avoid bad places and situations.  But if that does not work, and it does not always work, then… I teach:

-Kids to attack and escape.

-Healthy young women and men, who can run, how to attack and escape if possible or kill if not.

-Overweight or out of shape people to stand their ground and to render their attacker either incapacitated, unconscious or dead…because they normally cannot run fast enough to escape.

There are only 3 ways to survive a violent attack: 

  1. Incapacitation
  2. Unconsciousness
  3. Death

How do we accomplish these tasks when we’re under attack?  Let’s briefly review these one at a time.

Incapacitation:  You must injure your attacker in order to escape.  I’m not talking about causing pain, but actual injury.  Snap an ankle so they cannot physically pursue you (as long as they do not have a gun), or gouge out the eye balls so they cannot see, crush the testicles so they cannot walk or run, break the clavicles so they cannot raise their arms, crush the throat so they cannot breathe….Do you get the picture?

Unconsciousness:  If they are asleep (due to a choke) or knocked out due to a blunt force trauma or hypovolemic shock, then they will not be able to pursue you.

Death:  Unless you’re being attacked by a zombie or vampire, your attacker cannot pursue or harm you when they’re dead.  This needs no other explanation.

9 Year Old Survives Attack using

7 Year Old Survives Attack using


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