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Now offering low cost lessons if you come to me…

To all,

I have recently decided to offer “vacation” lessons if you come to me.  I live on an island that’s been voted one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.  This island is part of the San Juan Islands located at the Pacific Northwest area of the United States.  If you are interested in booking a private lesson for yourself or with your buddies or family, then I will host you at a local training facility at no additional charge.  You will only pay your travel expenses to get here and $200 per person for the 3 to 4 hour lesson.  Additional time is available at $100 per hour for the entire group if you want to make sure to cover the “Bonus” training.  If you are serious about your self protection then email me at coachalexander @ to schedule a private lesson “vacation”.  Thank you for your time, Coach David

Here are some of the lessons that you will learn plus Bonuses: 

  • Philosophy of my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System and why it is the best system in the world to survive a violent encounter.
  • The Martial Arts Myth.
  • What is a “Worst Case Scenario?”
  • How to avoid a “Worst Case Scenario” before it ever happens.
  • One thing that you should never, ever do!
  • Revealing the “Secret”.
  • What is “Target Based Training”?
  • There’s a huge difference between “fighting for your life” and “trying not to get stabbed”…make sure you know the difference!
  • End the fight in less than 4 seconds, not three (5) minute rounds.
  • Leave high-flying spin kicks to Hollywood; I will show you the two kicks that actually matter when your life is on the line.
  • How to avoid being shot by a gun, stabbed by a knife or beaten with a club.
  • Learn how to properly use a knife or club to defeat your attacker.  This is an eye opening lesson.  If you’re learning fancy knife or club moves, you are probably a dead man in a real fight.
  • How to use the world as a blunt force object.
  • How to get back to your feet, quickly, if you end up on the ground.
  • How to fight multiple attackers…and WIN!
  • Are pressure points real?  Is there really such a thing as a “Death Touch?”
  • And more…
  • The Top 10 Fighting Myths Exposed!
  • Learn and practice the 10 Most Devastating, Hand-Picked, Lethal and Non-Lethal Street Fighting/Self Defense “Target Based” Techniques which are the Fastest and Easiest to Learn and Apply.
  • Practice targeting and getting “reactions” to open new targets.
  • Chokes & Strangles plus how to avoid getting choked or strangled.
  • How to escape the “school yard bully” front and rear headlock.
  • Takedowns for the street while you stay on your feet.
  • Ground survival for the street (not sport!).
  • How to escape the “Worst Position Possible”.
  • How to escape being mounted with your hands pinned to the ground.
  • How to escape being mounted when your attacker is grabbing your throat.
  • How to escape being mounted when your attacker is raining down blows to your face.
  • How to easily prevent a rape attempt.
  • How to win a struggle over a gun, knife or bat.
  • How to use your environment as a weapon.
  • Plus Much, Much More…

“Old School” Close Combat WW2 moves that are still effective today.

I will show you a technique that will force your attacker to release any front side or rear side bear hug.

I will show you several “Non-Lethal” techniques that will force someone to release any hold.

Are pressure points real?  Is there such a thing as a “Death Touch?”

Q & A:  I will answer all the questions you may have concerning Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning or Weight Loss.

What else in life can you do Just One Time and receive a lifetime benefit?  You cannot lift weights just one time and expect to get strong.  You cannot eat a piece of broccoli just one time and expect to get healthy.  You cannot jog around the block just one time and expect to get fit.  But you CAN learn to defend yourself by taking JUST ONE of my lessons, lectures or seminars!  After JUST ONE LESSON you will have great confidence and life saving self defense skills to last generations!  Make the investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.  Do it now, before you need it.  What good is money if you die before you have a chance to spend it!  Contact me today to schedule a lesson, lecture or seminar.  Email me:  Coach David Alexander, coachalexander @  Right Now!


5 Killed in Seattle Shootings!

Why didn’t someone go after the shooter?  What would you have done?  Would you have rushed the shooter and taken him out to save everyone else? I can show you how to take someone out in less than 4 seconds.  Do you know how?

The man who reportedly shot and killed five people Wednesdayin Seattle, before taking his own life, changed about five years ago into a mentally ill individual who was “really angry toward everything,” his brother tells The Seattle Times.

“It’s no surprise to me this happened,” Andrew Stawicki told theTimes. “We could see this coming. Nothing good is going to come with that much anger inside of you.”

The Times, citing numerous sources including Andrew Stawicki and the owner of the cafe where the killings began, is identifying the gunman as Ian Stawicki, 40, of the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle.

Seattle Police have not yet officially released the gunman’s name.

According to the Times, Andrew Stawicki said his family “long hoped Ian would go to mental-health treatment or take medication to keep his moods in balance. But, he said, “someone like that is so stubborn you can’t talk to him.”

We’re also learning more about some of the victims (two of those killed have yet to be identified). The Times says:

— Drew Keriakedes, who died, was a performer in “Circus Contraption, a vaudeville-burlesque group.” He was 45.

— Joe “Vito” Albanese, 52, was a bass player in punk bands and vaudeville acts, who lived in the basement of Keriakedes’ home. He also died. Albanese and Keriakedes played with a band called God’s Favorite Beefcake. They were shot at Cafe Racer, where the rampage began.

— Gloria Koch Leonidas, also 52, “was a married mother of two girls who was active in the lighting industry.” She was shot and killed at a nearby parking lot where Stawicki allegedly fled after leaving the cafe.

— Leonard Meuse, who survived being shot in the jaw and armpit, was a chef at the Cafe Racer. Meuse, 46, “majored in Japanese and zoology at the University of Washington.”

Our colleagues at KPLU are also following the news.

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Can you defend yourself against a Psychopath?

Even police shocked by gore in face-mauling attack

JENNIFER KAY, Associated Press
Updated 07:08 p.m., Tuesday, May 29, 2012


MIAMI (AP) — It is being called one of this city’s goriest crimes: A naked man was on top of another nude man along a busy highway, biting into the man’s face, tearing it to pieces. A police officer arrived to help, but the mauler growled at him and continued to chew away, stopping only when he was shot to death.

Miami police said little Tuesday about the attack, which took place Saturday afternoon in the shadow of The Miami Herald headquarters. Surveillance video from the newspaper’s security camera showed cars, motorcycles, pedestrians and bicyclists passing by.

The victim, identified as 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, was in critical condition, with only his goatee intact on his face, the newspaper reported.

Sgt. Javier Ortiz, vice president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, said it was one of the bloodiest “and goriest scenes I’ve ever been to.”

“It was not only grotesque, it was just very sad, the amount of blood. It was very sad to see what happened to this gentleman that had his face eaten,” Ortiz said.

It’s not clear what led Rudy Eugene, 31, to attack Poppo. Eugene’s ex-wife, Jenny Ductant, told WPLG-TV, said he was somewhat paranoid.

“I wouldn’t say he had mental problem but he always felt like people was against him … No one was for him, everyone was against him,” she told the station. She and Eugene’s mother declined comment when reached by The Associated Press.

Larry Vega was riding his bicycle off the causeway, which connects downtown Miami with Miami Beach, when he saw the attack.

“The guy was, like, tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, ‘Get off!'” Vega told Miami television station WSVN ( “The guy just kept eating the other guy away, like, ripping his skin.”

Vega flagged down the Miami police officer, who can be seen exiting his car on the Herald video. Vega said the officer repeatedly ordered the attacker to get off. Eugene just picked his head up and growled at the officer before continuing to maul his victim, Vega said.

The officer shot Eugene, but he just kept chewing, Vega said. The officer fired again, killing Eugene.

Vega refused to comment when reached by The Associated Press, saying he wanted to put what he witnessed behind him.

Detective William Moreno would not release details about the shooting, citing the ongoing investigation. The Miami-Dade County medical examiner declined to provide any information until after the autopsy, which was scheduled for Tuesday.

Ortiz said the officer, who is part of a crisis intervention team and trained to deal with the mentally ill, had no choice but to fire.

“He’s clearly shaken up,” Ortiz said, adding that the officer had been administratively reassigned pending an investigation, as is standard after an officer-involved shooting.

After the shooting, the Herald’s video zooms in on the scene. Most of it is blocked by an overpass, but two sets of uncovered legs can be seen. One set never moves, while the other twists and turns as if the person is in pain.

“It was just a blob of blood,” Vega said. “You couldn’t really see, it was just blood all over the place.”

Court records show that Poppo has several arrests for public intoxication.

According to Miami-Dade court records, Eugene had been arrested for multiple misdemeanors, mostly marijuana-related charges. The most recent arrest was in 2009. The Herald reported that he played football at a Miami area high school in the late 1990s.

Ives Eugene, who identified himself as Rudy Eugene’s uncle, described his nephew as a “nice and hard-working” man who washed cars at a local dealership.

He said his nephew had asked his girlfriend to borrow her car, but she said no. “So he rode the bicycle, and he never came back home,” he said.


Associated Press reporter Suzette Laboy contributed to this report.

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Quick Tip: How to Escape a Riot

I received an email from Close Quarters Combat Specialist Jeff Anderson
and thought that I would copy and paste it here.  Coach David

The natives are restless in Chicago this weekend…

With the NATO Summit in town, there are protests galore all over
the city and even in other cities of the U.S.

     Ripe environment for a riot!

Whenever groups of people come together, whether as stampeding,
hysterical mobs… focused political or social rioters… these
crowds can be a serious threat to you when things turn violent.

Aside from the obvious “stay away from demonstrations” advice,  

here are some tips you can use if you’re engulfed in a flash mob

     Avoid The Agitators – Any angry mob will have at least one  

     loudmouth intent on driving the crowd into a frenzy.  His or
her location is likely to be the epicenter of violence so
move in the opposite direction of where you hear some idiot
on a soapbox.

     Avoid Law Enforcement – Seems counter-intuitive, but  

     riot-control police or military personnel may not know if
you’re a good guy or bad buy if they have to respond to
violence.  Sometimes it’s just about swinging a club in the
chaos being squashed and your melon may get in the way.

     Go With The Flow – Don’t try to fight your way against the  

     flow of the mob or you’ll find yourself overrun and trampled
on.  Move with them, taking openings as you find them to
work at 45 degree angles to the mob direction and work your
way to the side to escape.