Georgia teens accused of stabbing pizza delivery woman 50 times

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Georgia teens accused of stabbing pizza delivery woman 50 times

The pair stabbed Elizabeth Hutchenson to death as she delivered an order to their doorstep Thursday evening


Saturday, June 9, 2012, 2:00 PM


Domino’s Pizza delivery worker Elizabeth Hutcheson, 27, was found stabbed and bludgeoned in the doorway of a home to which she was delivering an order.

Two Georgia teenagers are accused of brutally stabbing a Domino’s Pizza worker to death as she delivered an order to their doorstep Thursday evening, police said.

Cadedra Cook, 18, and an unnamed 15-year-old male are charged with stabbing Elizabeth Hutchenson, 27, fifty times when she arrived at Cook’s home in Cedartown, Georgia, The Cedartown Standard reports.

Police officers were conducting a routine traffic stop when they heard screams coming from a nearby home.

Hutchenson was found bleeding at the doorstep from stab wounds to her head, chest and torso. The mother of one was later pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center.

“It was one of the most senseless crimes I’ve ever had the displeasure of working,” Polk County Deputy Coroner Tony Brazier told the Rome News-Tribune.

Cedartown Police Department Assistant Police Chief Jamie Newsome said the suspects fled the murder scene on foot.

Officers arrested the alleged attackers in a nearby field Friday afternoon after an overnight manhunt.

“We had been one step behind them most of the night,” Newsome told The Cedartown Standard. “We were finally able to catch up to them.”

Police have confirmed that Domino’s sent Hutchenson out on a delivery after receiving a telephone pizza order just before 9 p.m.

The motive remains a mystery.

Newsome said the teens stole money from Hutchenson during the murder. But the amount taken was so small that he believes robbery couldn’t be the sole motive.

“When I saw everything, it didn’t add up to me,” Newsome told reporters.

Police said they do not know if Hutchenson knew her alleged attackers.

Ken McIntyre, a spokesman for Domino’s Pizza, said the company gives delivery workers safety training and instructs them to carry no more than $20 while on the job.

“We have been delivering pizzas for 52 years, and there’s a lot we do, but what we can’t do is eliminate evil,” McIntyre told The Cedartown Standard.

McIntyre said that Domino’s will likely cover Hutchenson’s funeral.

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