10 Quick Lessons That Can Save Your Family’s Life

10 Quick Lessons That Can Save Your Family’s Life
By Coach David Alexander (1LessonSelfDefense.com)

“When you’re in a fight for your life, you better know how to win!”  Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert)

Lesson 1:  There are only two rules you need to know for you and your family to survive a violent attack.  Rule #1:  Repeat after me, “My family and I will do whatever it takes to survive.”  Now you say it, “my family and I will do whatever it takes to survive.”  Rule #2:  See Rule #1.

Lesson 2:  Avoid.  You need to avoid places where violent attacks tend to happen.  Stay away from Washington D.C. (the most violent place on earth), Pay attention to your surroundings, don’t hang out in bars, don’t get involved in drugs, stay away from the rough parts of town, get home at a decent hour, etc….

Lesson 3:  Escape.  If you and your family can anticipate or see a situation developing that could end up bad, then you need to escape.  Get the hell out of there!

Lesson 4:  Deception.  If an attack is imminent and you and your families lives are in danger; you might need to deceive to escape or gain access to a vital target. Throw some dirt in their eye or throw some change on the ground (try this, and see if the person doesn’t reflexively look down) or say something like “Hey, what’s that behind you?” This might give you a second for you and your family to make a break for it or it might distract your attacker long enough for you to smash a knee into their groin.

Lesson 5:  Neutralize.  If you cannot Avoid, Escape, or Deceive to escape, then you must neutralize the attacker(s) as fast as possible.  When I say neutralize, I mean to take out the brain functions of the attacker(s) which will end the threat.  Keep in mind that the brain is the real weapon of your attacker.

Lesson 6:  Use your tool extenders.  I consider your body and various body parts to be your main “tools”.  Anything that you can pick up or use in order to amplify your main “tools”, or body parts, I refer to as “tool extenders”.  As I mentioned before, the brain is the weapon, everything else is just a “tool” to get the job done.  Quickly get out your tool extender such as a gun, knife or club or an improvised tool extender that might be immediately accessible (brass knuckles, rock, brick, chain, keys, pen, stick, tire iron, etc…) and shoot, smash, plunge or crash it into a vital target of your attacker(s) in order to shut down their “weapon” or brain.  Do this without tipping off your intentions.  You need the element of surprise in order to get in the first strike.  If you wait until your attacker(s) get in the first strike, then you will be dead, and so will your family.  The person that strikes first wins (lives).  Remember, you have done everything to avoid this situation (lessons 1 – 4) and now your only choice is for you and your family to do whatever it takes to survive (see Rule #1).

Lesson 7:  What “Vital Targets” should you strike, smash or stab?  Targets are more important than the technique.  For example, you could literally neutralize an attacker by tripping, falling and landing on their trachea causing them to asphyxiate and die.  It would not take years of practice to develop your trip and fall death dealing trachea smash strike.  The technique does not have to be pretty, just keep going after your attacker(s) vital targets, with your tools, until they are unconscious, incapacitated or dead.  So what targets should you and your family strike, smash or stab (assuming you don’t have a gun or could not get to your gun)?

Men:  Eyes, Trachea (front of neck), Vagus Nerve (side of neck), Back of neck (spine), Groin (including pubic symphysis), Solar Plexus and Liver.
Women:  Eyes, Trachea, Groin
Kids (depending on age, size):  Groin, Eyes (When they strike the groin, it will cause a reflex, like a hand moving off of a hot stove, of the attacker bending over and bringing their eyes within range for your kids to gouge).  Remember Rule #1.

More “targets” can be added with experience and training.  See http://www.1lessonselfdefense.com for more info.  When you’re in a kill or be killed worst case scenario, your kid’s (depending on age and size) need to be trained to help out the family or themselves.  You have probably trained them to fire a gun, why not also train them to end a threat with their hands?

Lesson 8:  How to strike a “Vital Target”?  You need to strike a vital target (Eyes, Throat, Groin, Solar Plexus, etc…) by moving your body weight into your attacker and through a tool (gun, knife, club, improvised tool extender or body part tools such as hammerfists, palm heels, knees, fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms, shins, boots, etc…) in order to cause an injury to your attacker(s), so you and your family can get away.  Your goal should be to render your attacker(s) unconscious, incapacitated or dead.  Your goal is not to “beat up” your attacker(s), but to end the threat as quickly as possible to get your family home safe.  Do not stop injuring targets until you feel the threat is completely neutralized and you and your family could safely turn your backs on the attacker(s) and get away.

Lesson 9:  Get the hell out of there!  Do not wait for the police to arrive. You could be arrested and say something stupid in the heat of the moment.  Go call an attorney and let your attorney contact the police.  You also don’t want other people to come on the scene, see what is happening and assume (incorrectly) that the people you’re stomping and smashing are the good guys and they need to help them out.  Friends or gang associates of your attacker(s) might show up and want some revenge on the family that took out their buddies.  You might get caught in a riot.

Lesson 10:  Take lessons in a target based self defense/protection system and not a martial art.  Martial arts are way to technical, take way too long to learn and are geared to defend against people from the past (think about it).  Also, over the years a lot of martial arts have been turned into sport based systems.  Some of the old school moves, that might have helped you in a real worst case scenario attack, have been taken out of their program so that people can spar for points and submissions and to train without injuring the other person.  You can’t “Tap Out” in the real world.  Or they will hold back the “good stuff” until you finally reach your black belt.  Do you have time to wait and get a black belt and hope that what you learn will actually work in the real world?  What if you need to survive an attack right now?  What are you going to do?

I hope you enjoyed my first post.  I am not a writer, but do my best to get the information presented in a logical manner.  Be safe, and always remember Rule #1!

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet”  Maj. Gen. James Mattis

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” Leonardo Di Vinci

Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert)


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  1. millenniumfly

    Anyone who thinks they should stand and fight first is crazy, especially when protecting your family is concerned. Like you say, get away if at all possible and then fight dirty if you must.

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