A weekend of carnage in city as 7 killed and 21 injured in stabbings and shootings

A weekend of carnage in city as 7 killed and 21 injured in stabbings and shootings

The carnage began around sundown Friday on a hot summer’s night, and continued until the sun rose Saturday morning.
Across barely eight hours, at least seven New Yorkers were murdered and another 21 shot, stabbed or slashed across the city — with only three suspects arrested before the blood stopped flowing.
9 p.m.: Two Manhattan women, ages 19 and 28, slashed by a teen in the Washington Houses at E. 102nd St. and Third Ave.
11:13 p.m.: Mohammed Gebeli, 65, found mortally wounded with a single gunshot wound to the neck inside a Bay Ridge business at Valentino Fashion on Fifth Ave.
10:54 p.m.: A Brooklyn mother calls police to say she killed her 9-year-old son and tried to kill herself. The boy is found dead inside at 347 Marcus Garvey Blvd., the mother survived.
12:05 a.m.: A 17-year-old boy stabbed five times — four in the back — by a suspect who flees from 21st St. and 37th Ave in Queens.
12:58 a.m.: Two victims shot — one in the che

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/a-weekend-carnage-city-killed-21-injured-stabbings-shootings-article-1.1109768#ixzz208SK3E00


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