My thoughts on the “Batman” shootings. A culture of passive victims.


When the govt. becomes your mommy and daddy people quit being responsible for their own lives and actions.

 (From Coach David of  If you compare the “Batman” theater shooting and also the massacre in Norway one year ago (Norway to Mark Year Since Massacreto the internet café shooting in Florida recently, what was the difference?  What was the outcome?  The older gentleman in the internet café had his own gun and used it to take out the two punks that stormed in with weapons drawn and told everybody to get down.  What could have happened if the guy did not decide to defend his own life?  By this man deciding, NOT TO BE A VICTIM, he not only saved himself, but in the process, probably saved a dozen people.  Is the difference that the gentleman in the internet cafe’ was 71 years old compared to the younger ages of the Norway Massacre and the “Batman” theater shootings?  What do you think?  I would imagine that the older gentleman grew up with a sense of responsibility of not waiting for others to take care of him.  Before anyone points out the obvious, I was not in the theater, so I don’t know if anybody tried to fight back, but didn’t make it.  Only time will tell, what really happened.

Mike Adams of Natural News has written a nice piece on the shooting.  I have selected certain paragraphs that I thought were relevant and posted below.  The following paragraphs are taken from this article

Written by Mike Adams of Natural News
(NaturalNews) One of the most shocking realization emerging from the James Holmes Batman movie shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado is the fact that nobody apparently tried to stop the shooter. This is absolutely baffling. Out of at least 70 moviegoers (and maybe more, as numbers remain sketchy at the moment), it appears that nobody tried to tackle him to the ground, shoot back with their own gun, or even fight back in any way whatsoever. The accounts of witnesses are those of people fleeing, ducking and screaming… but not fighting for their lives.

It occurs to me that maybe I’m different from most Americans today in the fact that I am willing to fight back. For some reason, that seems to be a rarity these days. Too many people have bought into learned helplessness, where they depend on the government to take care of them, keep them safe and solve all their problems.

Once you outsource your personal security to the government — usually by having no defense skills and hoping 911 will respond quickly — you make yourself an easy victim for violent criminals.

The true path to personal safety and security is to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. There are many ways to do that, from basic hand-to-hand combat and martial arts skills to learning proficiency in the “American martial art” of hand-gunning. I’ve personally trained with numerous instructors who could have taken Holmes out from 20 – 30 meters away with a single shot to the head, with about 90% accuracy even under pressure. There are lots of proficient firearms owners across America, and a great many of them are carrying those weapons into movie theaters, shopping malls, retail stores and even at the airport. Why was no one carrying a concealed weapon at the Batman movie theater in Aurora? I have no idea.

Americans, it turns out, are easy to terrorize. They’re easy to freeze into a state of fear-based non-action. That fear can and will be used against them, again and again. Look at the post 9/11 effort to crush freedom and destroy the Bill of Rights. It succeeded because Americans were terrorized and willing to give up all their liberties for the false promise of a little security.

The police cannot protect you!

This is concerning for lots of reasons beyond the Batman shooting. It means the population is just cannon fodder for armed gangs of looters when the next collapse comes, and the debt spending of the U.S. government absolutely guarantees a financial collapse is just around the corner. (It’s only a matter of time.)

It’s beginning to look more and more like only those of us who have the natural instinct to fight back — and who are willing to acquire fundamental skills of personal defense — will be left standing in the long run. Even those of us who have such skills will need to be both well practiced and, to some extent, lucky. But luck has a way of bending your way when you’re prepared, I’ve noticed.

I hope YOU, the readers, are among those of us who are survivors. We need more good people to survive and help lead our nation into a future of liberty, abundance and lasting health. We need more good people to survive social unrest, the aftermath of natural disasters, the coming economic collapse, food shortages, roving bands of armed gangs and so on. If anything, right now is a time for more people to go out and get trained on personal defense, whether that’s with martial arts, rape prevention classes, or even quality firearms training.

It should hopefully be obvious at this point that the police cannot protect you. Calling 911 is about as useless as crossing your fingers and hoping you won’t die. And that’s even if 911 answers, because 911 services are easily taken offline even by wind storms (as we saw recently in Washington D.C.). If you cannot protect yourself and your family, you’re not ready for what’s coming, I believe. Get prepared. Get some skills. Practice to the point of proficiency. Decide to survive rather than surrendering to violence.

Much of this, after all, is simply a mental decision. I have no idea why that mental decision did not take place inside the Batman movie theater, but I know that you and I can make that decision right now — the decision to SURVIVE — and we can move forward in life with the strength and power of sticking with that decision.

(From Coach David:  Don’t be a Victim!  You need to learn what I teach, BEFORE you need it.  It does no good to learn it after you’re dead!  If you want to learn to protect yourself, your family or preparedness group against violence then visit one of my sites to learn more… or  I do not teach “Martial Arts” in my seminars.  I teach you how to “End the Threat” within seconds.  This can be accomplished even if you’re young, old or even out of shape…But it has to be done a certain way (“The Secret”).  I can be anywhere in the country within a couple of weeks or in the world with a little more notice.  I will also offer a 20% discount to don’ readers.) 

Thanks, Coach David Alexander


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