Bully Proof

How to STOP Bullying without Violence
for Boys and Girls Ages 7 – 16

Would you like to host a Bully Proof Bootcamp at your school or community?  Would you like to learn how to defeat a bully using your brains and not your fists?  Bring a Bully Proof Bootcamp to your school or community.  Contact me Coach David Alexander at coachalexander @ to bring a Bully Proof Bootcamp to you!  Private lessons are also available!  See more here:  Bully Proof Bootcamp Private Lessons Flyer.pdf

Every 7 minutes a child is bullied and every month in the United States, 3 million children miss school due to fear of bullies.  In this Bully Proof Seminar, my goal is to instill in your child unshakable confidence so they can overcome bullies without violence.  This is surprisingly very easy to do and can be learned in just 3 hours.  Are you going to let your child be a victim? Or are you going to “Bully Proof” them?

Contact me at coachalexander @ to help your community by hosting a Bully Proof Bootcamp at your facility!  Together we can end the violence.

Seminar Techniques:
– A step by step plan to deal with a bully.
– Play “The Bully Games”.  (What? What?, Ninja, Whack a mole, Shadow, and more…)
– How to verbally defeat a bully or “How to Fight Fire with Water”.
– How to develop unshakable confidence.
– Why I Love Bullies!  (This may surprise you)
– How to defend yourself if physically attacked without hurting the bully or getting in trouble.

This seminar will be taught by Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert and Bully Tamer!)  I am a father of two boys (7 & 10) and a martial arts black belt.  See my complete bio here:

For more info email Coach David Alexander coachalexander @



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