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-Why do you post so many articles on SURVIVAL and ECONOMICS?  More violence happens during tough economic times than any other due to unemployment, increasing drug use, inflation, etc….  You will need to know my kind of self defense/protection in order to protect yourself and your family during tough economic times.  I probably read, at least, 20 different articles a day and many, many books throughout the year from a wide variety of sources on economics, politics, health, fitness, etc….  I post what I think is the most important for Self Defense/Protection whether that is Survival, Economics, Health, etc…  “Fighting is my business, but Economics is my hobby!”  Coach David

-Aren’t you afraid that psychopaths will try and take lessons from you?  No.  Psychopaths already know how to kill.  They don’t need to know what I teach.

-Is the B.E.T. Self Defense/Protection System a martial art?  First off, let me say that I love martial arts!  I love the traditions, values and character development of traditional martial arts and I still train to this day, but over the years a lot of martial arts have been turned into sport based systems (there are some exceptions).  Some of the old school moves, that might have helped you in a real fight, have been taken out of their program so that people can spar for points and submissions and to train without injuring the other person.  Or they will hold back the “good stuff” until you finally reach your black belt.  Do you have time to wait and get a black belt and hope that what you learn is what you actually need if you’re attacked?  What if you need to survive an attack right now?  What are you going to do?  I even have another site i’m working on that is dedicated to martial arts (http://www.freemmaschool.com), but  my B.E.T. Self Defense/Protection System is NOT a martial art.  There is definitely no “art” in this system.  IT IS ALL “MARTIAL!”  You cannot spar in my system because you would run out of training partners real fast.  But there is a way to practice safely.  It may surprise you that you can practice my system in a grocery store line or even while shopping at the mall.  How?  I will show you.

-How can you realistically expect to teach us to survive in just 1 lesson?  While combatives, martial arts and other reality based self defense systems will teach you hundreds of fine motor techniques that will teach you how to defend yourself in a bar fight or some social fight.  The problem is that you will NOT be able to remember “techniques” when the poop hits the fan, in a “Worst Case Scenario” attack.  Are you really going to remember a 4 part knife defense when a guy is on top of you stabbing away?  GET REAL!  IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  My system is based on your Natural Reactions to outside stimulus that will take place automatically when attacked….And once you combine your natural reactions with B.E.T. and the “secret” you will be able to survive an unlimited amount of different situations and scenarios.  All I need to teach you is how to channel these reactions.  Then you will use these same reactions for all attacks (even if the attacker has a gun, knife or club).  This also includes being attacked when it is pitch black and you cannot see.  Typically, martial arts take years to master because they teach you all sorts of different techniques, and variations of the techniques, to cover all sorts of knife, gun or strike defenses for every possible scenario and every possible angle and direction.  How are you supposed to remember a gun disarm, in low light, facing the west, in the rain when you learned that move 3 years ago as a white belt and haven’t practiced it since?  If you’re just looking to defend yourself against your belligerent brother-in-law that had too many drinks at a party or you want to compete in a sport, then take a martial art.  But if you need to save your life against an asocial psychopath that wants to kill or rape you then you better learn what I teach.

-Do you still coach and train in Mixed Martial Arts?  To make a long story short I realize that I still love the sport and the people of Mixed Martial Arts (just check out the PICTURES page and you’ll know what I mean) and have resumed training, but am nowhere near the level I used to be.  I just do MMA for fun now and to stay in shape, but obviously I no longer use it as my self defense program.  I am in the process of starting a new site called http://www.FREEMMASCHOOL.com, so that I can help others learn the sport of Mixed Martial Arts…so all my years of research, coaching and training will not have gone to waste! It is an online Mixed Martial Arts curriculum that anyone can use for FREE!  In addition to the FREE CURRICULUM, I plan on interviewing other coaches, trainers and fighters to get them to reveal some of their “secrets” to training in the sport of MMA.

-I’ve trained for years in Mixed Martial Arts; do you think I still need to learn what you teach?  I have had Professional MMA fighters ask what to do when someone attacks without provocation or showing their intention first or what to do when the attacker has a weapon or doesn’t “fight fair”.  Sport based fight training might have some effect in a “Worst Case Scenario”, but wouldn’t you rather know for sure on how to defend yourself in a non-sport situation?  Cage Fighters and Sport Based Martial Artists do not train for vicious attacks where someone is trying to kill them…and they definitely do not train against multiple attackers!  Most social fights or bar fights do not have the combatants intent on killing one another.  There’s a huge difference between “fighting for your life” and “trying not to get stabbed”.  Make sure you know the difference….There is a big difference in fighting someone for pride and ego and defending yourself against a psychopath that wants to kill you!  If you try to “fight” these psychopaths, you will lose.  I am going to give you an unfair advantage.  Keep training in your martial art, but add what I teach to it so you will be ready to defend your life, if needed.

-Will your system teach me how to defend against multiple attackers?  The ultimate “Worst Case Scenario” is fighting multiple attackers with weapons who want to kill you.  My system is developed for you to have the best chance to survive in this environment.  When you are trained to survive against multiple attackers, then a single attacker should be no problem.  There is only one true way to fight multiple attackers w/ weapons and if you don’t know it, then you are in trouble.

Don’t martial arts practitioners train verse multiple attackers?  Martial arts practitioners do kata’s which are supposed to simulate fighting multiple attackers, but they also assume a one punch knockout for every attacker.  Multiple attack scenarios that you see on gritty crime dramas and martial arts films are all bull compared to what happens in the real world.  If you watch any combat sport, getting a one punch knockout is very rare (and these are the strongest, meanest and best conditioned athletes in the world).  Now if they cannot get a one punch knockout then how is the normal person expected to get two or three one punch knockouts when multiple attackers are trying to kill you!  Also, the traditional martial artist assumes that the multiple attacker scenario will happen with each attacker coming at you one at a time.  Gang members might be ignorant, but they are not stupid.  They will attack in force, all at once.  Does your training cover this?  The B.E.T. Self Defense/Protection System does, and you better learn it right now.

-Are you ex-military?  No.  A lot of the ex-military defensive combat instructors out there teach for the already fit, young and strong.  My system is different!  My system works for the unfit, older, and weak!  I have trained in a lot of the military combatives programs and also worked out very hard, lifted weights, did CrossFit and the like to make sure that I would be ready to survive in a fight.  The problem was, I realized, that there is always someone bigger, meaner, stronger and faster than me.  I wanted to figure out a way to also survive against these guys.  I wanted an unfair advantage or “secret” to survive against the stronger, fitter and possibly psychopathic.  That is where my system comes in.  You do not have to be ex-military to be able to survive an attack.  Actually, being ex-military might give you a false sense of security and could be potentially fatal if you try to use military style combatives against multiple attackers with weapons that don’t “fight fair”.


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