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Quick Tip: How to Escape a Riot

I received an email from Close Quarters Combat Specialist Jeff Anderson
and thought that I would copy and paste it here.  Coach David

The natives are restless in Chicago this weekend…

With the NATO Summit in town, there are protests galore all over
the city and even in other cities of the U.S.

     Ripe environment for a riot!

Whenever groups of people come together, whether as stampeding,
hysterical mobs… focused political or social rioters… these
crowds can be a serious threat to you when things turn violent.

Aside from the obvious “stay away from demonstrations” advice,  

here are some tips you can use if you’re engulfed in a flash mob

     Avoid The Agitators – Any angry mob will have at least one  

     loudmouth intent on driving the crowd into a frenzy.  His or
her location is likely to be the epicenter of violence so
move in the opposite direction of where you hear some idiot
on a soapbox.

     Avoid Law Enforcement – Seems counter-intuitive, but  

     riot-control police or military personnel may not know if
you’re a good guy or bad buy if they have to respond to
violence.  Sometimes it’s just about swinging a club in the
chaos being squashed and your melon may get in the way.

     Go With The Flow – Don’t try to fight your way against the  

     flow of the mob or you’ll find yourself overrun and trampled
on.  Move with them, taking openings as you find them to
work at 45 degree angles to the mob direction and work your
way to the side to escape.