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Also posted on  This is not a technique that we would normally use in the B.E.T. Self Defense System.  It would only be used if you were a larger defender against a much smaller attacker.

WARNING!!! What I teach will seriously injure or even kill. These techniques should only be used in a life threatening worst case scenario. If you’re uneasy about taking someone’s life to save your own or someone you love, then this is not the system for you. Go home, board up your windows, lock your doors, buy a few pit bulls, drudge a moat and NEVER, EVER GO OUTSIDE! You must stop when you feel that the threat is neutralized in the eyes of the law. You are responsible for knowing your states self defense laws.

Want to learn more? I will be working on a DVD soon or you can schedule a private or group lesson. I can come to you or you can come to me. sample video for the 1 Lesson Self Defense DVD. I will expand and offer a DVD or video download when it is finished. Thanks for watching! Coach David Alexander (World Famous Self Defense Expert)


Quick throat strike to escape by Coach David

WARNING!  Never do this, you will kill someone!

Street Fight Bootcamp Seminar Sample.  Sometimes we need to stay and finish the fight (kids in the house, you’re with your wife, daughter, friends, etc….), but other times you can escape.  My philosophy is 1.  Avoid  2.  Escape  3.  Deceive to Escape  4.  Neutralize when all else fails.  See more at

Introducing Street Fight


Better than Jason Bourne — More Bad Ass than Tyler Durden.

Are you ready to be the Ultimate Alpha Male?

This page is for the guys that just want to “Kick Ass” and win every fight!  Without a doubt, if you learn what I teach, you will be the top dog in any street fight.  Keep reading to learn more…

I have handpicked 10 of the absolute best street fighting techniques that are the most devastating and the fastest and easiest to learn and apply.  These techniques have been proven to work in real fights and come from the best combatives instructors and self defense experts from around the world.  These techniques are not found in your local dojo or mixed martial arts schools.  These techniques are serious fight finishers and will give you the ultimate advantage in any street fight.  You will learn all you need to know to win a street fight in just one day.  I will teach you these devastating “Ass Kicking” techniques and also show you how to practice them at home.  The at home practice methods are a great way to increase your strength and conditioning while simultaneously internalizing your newly learned street fighting techniques.  Keep it simple and “Kick Some Ass!”

Learn to “KICK ASS!”

“…end the fight in 4 seconds, not three (5) minute rounds.” 

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