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Also posted on  This is not a technique that we would normally use in the B.E.T. Self Defense System.  It would only be used if you were a larger defender against a much smaller attacker.

WARNING!!! What I teach will seriously injure or even kill. These techniques should only be used in a life threatening worst case scenario. If you’re uneasy about taking someone’s life to save your own or someone you love, then this is not the system for you. Go home, board up your windows, lock your doors, buy a few pit bulls, drudge a moat and NEVER, EVER GO OUTSIDE! You must stop when you feel that the threat is neutralized in the eyes of the law. You are responsible for knowing your states self defense laws.

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25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out

25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out

Posted: 08 Jul 2012 05:46 PM PDT

The problems that America is experiencing right now are not just confined to the field of economics.  The truth is that there are signs of deep decay wherever we look, and without question the United States is rotting from the inside out in thousands of different ways.  For a long time our debt-fueled prosperityhas masked much of the social decay that has been festering underneath the surface, but now it is becoming increasingly apparent that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is beginning to disappear.  For many Americans, it is easy to point a finger at a particular group or political party and blame them for all of our problems, but the reality of the matter is that our societal decay cuts across all income levels, all political affiliations and all regions of the country.  We are being destroyed from within, and this decay can be seen on the streets of the most dilapidated sections of major U.S. cities and it can also be seen in the halls of power in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street.  It is undeniable that something has fundamentally changed.  The American people do not seem to possess the same level of character that they once had.  So where do we go from here?

The following are 25 signs the collapse of America is speeding up as society rots from the inside out….

1. Homicides in Chicago are 38 percent ahead of where they were last year at this time.  In fact, the Daily says that “homicide victims in the Windy City outnumber U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan this year”.  Things are taking a turn for the worse in other major U.S. cities as well.  Just check out the carnage that happened in New York City this past Friday night….

Across barely eight hours, at least seven New Yorkers were murdered and another 21 shot, stabbed or slashed across the city — with only three suspects arrested before the blood stopped flowing

2. Speaking of New York City, a teacher there recently posted the following on her Facebook page….

“Crupi and I survived a shootout today…Thank God we are ok…To all the wanna be gangstas of Staten Island (who say they are from Brooklyn but really aren’t), be grateful you have what you have and stop trying to live a lifestyle you will never understand.”

About a week later, her husband discovered her dead in a pool of her own blood in their apartment.  She had been stabbed numerous times.

3. Reporter James Carlini recently discussed the growing problems that roaming gangs of youths are causing along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago….

There is an increase in problems at night with small gangs roaming around looking for the right prey.

Don’t bother looking for any cops, they are far and few between. Little perfume-size pepper spray canisters may be in vogue, politically correct and fit in a purse, but they are not practical. Forget about pepper spray, you’d need a gallon jug of it to stop five or six assailants.

Do you now need a .357 Magnum to walk down the Mag Mile? Maybe a compact .45 or a high-capacity 9MM “just to be on the safe side” is more what you should have. Even the police are telling each other that they better “carry large caliber” off-duty and not be caught unarmed.

4. Down in Florida, a lifeguard named Tomas Lopez was recently fired for attempting to saving a man that was drowning “outside his patrol zone“….

Lopez, 21, was hired by Jeff Ellis Management to monitor a portion of a public beach in Hallandale Beach, Fla. The company allegedly gave Lopez strict instructions to stay inside his patrol zone, ABC News reports.

But when Lopez spotted a man in distress outside his patrol zone Monday afternoon, he ignored those instructions and leapt into action.

By the time lifeguard Tomas Lopez got to the man, other bystanders had already pulled him to shore, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports. Lopez stayed with the man until paramedics arrived.

That valiant act was Lopez’s last as a lifeguard, as his employer fired him for straying 1,500 feet outside his patrol zone.

5. Authorities say that thieves are stealing identities and filing fraudulent tax returns on a scale never seen before….

With nothing more than ledgers of stolen identity information — Social Security numbers and their corresponding names and birth dates — criminals have electronically filed thousands of false tax returns with made-up incomes and withholding information and have received hundreds of millions of dollars in wrongful refunds, law enforcement officials say.

The criminals, some of them former drug dealers, outwit the Internal Revenue Service by filing a return before the legitimate taxpayer files. Then the criminals receive the refund, sometimes by check but more often though a convenient but hard-to-trace prepaid debit card.

In all, the IRS says that there were approximately 940,000 fake tax returns filed for 2010.

6. U.S. Secret Service agents are supposed to be “the best of the best” and are charged with guarding our top public officials.  But even they have exhibited a consistent pattern of moral decay for many years according to one recent report….

Secret Service agents and officers have been accused of leaking sensitive information, publishing porn, sexual assaults, illegal wiretaps, embezzlement and drunkenness on duty, according to a 229-page log released yesterday.

After a prostitution scandal in April, when agents consorted with hookers while preparing for President Obama’s arrival in Colombia, Service Director Mark Sullivan apologized. But he said it was an isolated case, not a “systemic issue.”

However, the log, which the Service Service released yesterday after news organizations requested it under the Freedom of Information Act, shows a pattern of misdeeds dating back to 2003.

7. These days thieves will steal just about anything that is not bolted down and that they can sell for money.  For example, three thieves recently broke into a Chicago beauty supply store and took off with hair extensions that were worth a totalof $230,000.

8. Up in Minnesota, thieves are stealing Bronze Stars from hundreds of military graves, and down in Fresno, California thieves have actually been stealing metal crosses from churches.

9. According to one shocking new report, one out of every 10 Wall Street employees is a “clinical psychopath”.  That is a rate about 10 times higher than the general population.

10. Even many police are going crazy these days.  Over in Seattle, police zapped a pregnant woman with a taser three times just because she refused to sign a ticket.

11. Down in California, one man recently sliced off the ear of another man with a knife over an unpaid debt.

12. These days we are seeing senseless crimes being committed even in small towns in the heartland of America.  Just check out what happened in Helena, Montana about a week ago….

Helena Police are working to identify two young men after what they call a random act of violence over the weekend. Helena Police found a 40-year-old homeless man badly beaten in an alley behind the Gold Bar around 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

Helena Police Detective Sergeant Richard Drysdale states,” The video shows two white males surrounding the victim as he was entering the walkway yelling at him and then knocking him down to the ground where they beat and kicked him until he was unconscious.”

You can find a video report about this incident right here.

13. One town in Connecticut was forced to shut down a beautiful new public fountain because too many people were using it as a toilet.

14. According to one very shocking study, the percentage of U.S. households that contain a married couple with children has fallen from 44.3% in 1960 to 20.2% today.

15. A huge brawl between parents erupted during one recent preschool graduation ceremony down in the Los Angeles area.

16. We continue to see “mob robberies” at retail establishments all over the nation.  During one recent mob robbery in Detroit, thugs beat the living daylights out of one very unfortunate stock clerk.

17. Speaking of Detroit, nobody is immune to the spreading violence in that city.  For example, just check out what happened recently to a 22-year-old pregnant woman….

A 22-year-old pregnant woman survived after being bound, driven to Detroit, set on fire and shot early Saturday morning.

The woman, who was nine-months pregnant, had returned from a movie with her boyfriend and dropped him off at his house in Warren when she was approached from behind, Warren police Sgt. Dave Geffert said.

The woman’s hands, feet and eyes were bound with duct tape. She was then forced into her car and driven to an unknown place in Detroit where she was doused with lighter fluid, set on fire and shot once in the upper back, he said.

18. Many families returned to their homes following the recent wildfires in Colorado only to discover that their houses had been robbed and looted.

19. One 33-year-old art teacher in Arizona was not satisfied with only having sex with one of her students.  In fact, police have charged her with having sex with four of her male students.

20. Down in Florida, one man has actually been charged with biting the lips off of a kitten.

21. Over in Waco, Texas a 22-year-old man recently strangled and ate the family dog while he was high on drugs.

22. Of course most of us have heard of the recent outbreak of “zombie attacks” around the nation where criminals have actually been biting their victims and chewing their flesh.  The following is another example of this phenomenon from a recent case in central New York….

A synthetic drug known as “bath salts” is blamed for some bizarre behavior in central New York.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports that police officers were called to Stanley’s Bar Saturday night to check out a woman described as emotionally disturbed. When an officer approached her, she lunged at him and tried to bite his face. Police say she screamed that she wanted to “kill someone and eat them.”

The woman was taken to St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Another very disturbing “zombie incident” took place down in Georgia recently….

Karl Laventure, 21, was believed to be high on bath salts when he tried to attack the officers in Lilburn, Georgia.

And after they had managed to subdue him he began threatening to eat them.

Laventure appeared out of some woods and was seen running naked around a golf range near Atlanta, swinging a club around his head and screaming.

Police said that it took several officers to subdue the man who had ‘super-human strength’.

23. All over America, people seem to be losing their minds.  Just check out what one man in New Jersey did recently when police arrived at his home….

Officers got a call that morning when a witness said Carter was threatening to harm himself with a knife. Two cops responded, kicked in the door and found Carter in the corner, the station reported.

Carter allegedly ignored officers’ orders to put down the knife, and instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs.

An attempt to pepper spray the bleeding man had no effect, the Associated Press reported.

That’s when Carter — disemboweled but responsive — reportedly threw bits of his skin and intestines at the officers.

24. One woman in the St. Louis area was recently caught cooking meth in her purse inside a Wal-Mart store.

25. Anyone that believes that slavery has been abolished in America does not know what they are talking about.  Every single night sex slaves are being horribly abused all over the United States.  The following is from a recent Daily Mail article….

The FBI has rescued 79 teens held against their will and forced into prostitution from hotels, truck stops and stores during a three-day swoop on sex-trafficking rings across the country.

The sex slaves were aged between 13 and 17, although one said she had been involved in prostitution since she was just 11, authorities said.

During the sting operations across 57 U.S. cities – including Atlanta, Sacramento and Toledo, Ohio – 104 alleged pimps were arrested.

It is estimated that “100,000 children are victims of prostitution and trafficking each year” in the United States.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Sadly, there are dozens and dozens more examples like these.  If you want to see more examples of how the collapse of America is speeding up, check out these articles that I recently published….

70 Reasons To Mourn For America

20 Signs That Society Is Breaking Down And That America Has Been Overrun By Psychos

The frightening thing is that this breakdown of our society is happening at the same time that our economy is completely falling to pieces.

This economic decline that we are experiencing is shredding the middle class and it is plunging millions of Americans into very desperate circumstances.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent Rolling Stone article….

Every night around nine, Janis Adkins falls asleep in the back of her Toyota Sienna van in a church parking lot at the edge of Santa Barbara, California. On the van’s roof is a black Yakima SpaceBooster, full of previous-life belongings like a snorkel and fins and camping gear. Adkins, who is 56 years old, parks the van at the lot’s remotest corner, aligning its side with a row of dense, shading avocado trees. The trees provide privacy, but they are also useful because she can pick their fallen fruit, and she doesn’t always­ have enough to eat. Despite a continuous, two-year job search, she remains without dependable work. She says she doesn’t need to eat much – if she gets a decent hot meal in the morning, she can get by for the rest of the day on a piece of fruit or bulk-purchased almonds – but food stamps supply only a fraction of her nutritional needs, so foraging opportunities are welcome.

Prior to the Great Recession, Adkins owned and ran a successful plant nursery in Moab, Utah. At its peak, it was grossing $300,000 a year. She had never before been unemployed – she’d worked for 40 years, through three major recessions.

You can read the rest of the article right here.

What would you do if you were in a similar situation?

Sadly, many more Americans will end up just like her.  As I wrote about the other day, the U.S. economy is not going to be able to produce enough jobs for everyone anymore.  In fact, the overall employment picture is going to keep getting worse for working Americans.

Things have gotten so bad that even many very highly educated scientists cannot find jobs in America right now.  Almost everybody is hurting, and we haven’t even gotten to the next wave of the economic collapse yet.

The next time that there is a major spike in the unemployment rate, millions of Americans will lose all hope and will become very desperate.

And desperate people do desperate things.

The rot and decay that we are witnessing right now is just the beginning.

Things are going to get a lot worse.

So let us hope for the best, but let us also prepare for the worst.

A weekend of carnage in city as 7 killed and 21 injured in stabbings and shootings

A weekend of carnage in city as 7 killed and 21 injured in stabbings and shootings

The carnage began around sundown Friday on a hot summer’s night, and continued until the sun rose Saturday morning.
Across barely eight hours, at least seven New Yorkers were murdered and another 21 shot, stabbed or slashed across the city — with only three suspects arrested before the blood stopped flowing.
9 p.m.: Two Manhattan women, ages 19 and 28, slashed by a teen in the Washington Houses at E. 102nd St. and Third Ave.
11:13 p.m.: Mohammed Gebeli, 65, found mortally wounded with a single gunshot wound to the neck inside a Bay Ridge business at Valentino Fashion on Fifth Ave.
10:54 p.m.: A Brooklyn mother calls police to say she killed her 9-year-old son and tried to kill herself. The boy is found dead inside at 347 Marcus Garvey Blvd., the mother survived.
12:05 a.m.: A 17-year-old boy stabbed five times — four in the back — by a suspect who flees from 21st St. and 37th Ave in Queens.
12:58 a.m.: Two victims shot — one in the che

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10 Quick Lessons That Can Save Your Family’s Life

10 Quick Lessons That Can Save Your Family’s Life
By Coach David Alexander (

“When you’re in a fight for your life, you better know how to win!”  Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert)

Lesson 1:  There are only two rules you need to know for you and your family to survive a violent attack.  Rule #1:  Repeat after me, “My family and I will do whatever it takes to survive.”  Now you say it, “my family and I will do whatever it takes to survive.”  Rule #2:  See Rule #1.

Lesson 2:  Avoid.  You need to avoid places where violent attacks tend to happen.  Stay away from Washington D.C. (the most violent place on earth), Pay attention to your surroundings, don’t hang out in bars, don’t get involved in drugs, stay away from the rough parts of town, get home at a decent hour, etc….

Lesson 3:  Escape.  If you and your family can anticipate or see a situation developing that could end up bad, then you need to escape.  Get the hell out of there!

Lesson 4:  Deception.  If an attack is imminent and you and your families lives are in danger; you might need to deceive to escape or gain access to a vital target. Throw some dirt in their eye or throw some change on the ground (try this, and see if the person doesn’t reflexively look down) or say something like “Hey, what’s that behind you?” This might give you a second for you and your family to make a break for it or it might distract your attacker long enough for you to smash a knee into their groin.

Lesson 5:  Neutralize.  If you cannot Avoid, Escape, or Deceive to escape, then you must neutralize the attacker(s) as fast as possible.  When I say neutralize, I mean to take out the brain functions of the attacker(s) which will end the threat.  Keep in mind that the brain is the real weapon of your attacker.

Lesson 6:  Use your tool extenders.  I consider your body and various body parts to be your main “tools”.  Anything that you can pick up or use in order to amplify your main “tools”, or body parts, I refer to as “tool extenders”.  As I mentioned before, the brain is the weapon, everything else is just a “tool” to get the job done.  Quickly get out your tool extender such as a gun, knife or club or an improvised tool extender that might be immediately accessible (brass knuckles, rock, brick, chain, keys, pen, stick, tire iron, etc…) and shoot, smash, plunge or crash it into a vital target of your attacker(s) in order to shut down their “weapon” or brain.  Do this without tipping off your intentions.  You need the element of surprise in order to get in the first strike.  If you wait until your attacker(s) get in the first strike, then you will be dead, and so will your family.  The person that strikes first wins (lives).  Remember, you have done everything to avoid this situation (lessons 1 – 4) and now your only choice is for you and your family to do whatever it takes to survive (see Rule #1).

Lesson 7:  What “Vital Targets” should you strike, smash or stab?  Targets are more important than the technique.  For example, you could literally neutralize an attacker by tripping, falling and landing on their trachea causing them to asphyxiate and die.  It would not take years of practice to develop your trip and fall death dealing trachea smash strike.  The technique does not have to be pretty, just keep going after your attacker(s) vital targets, with your tools, until they are unconscious, incapacitated or dead.  So what targets should you and your family strike, smash or stab (assuming you don’t have a gun or could not get to your gun)?

Men:  Eyes, Trachea (front of neck), Vagus Nerve (side of neck), Back of neck (spine), Groin (including pubic symphysis), Solar Plexus and Liver.
Women:  Eyes, Trachea, Groin
Kids (depending on age, size):  Groin, Eyes (When they strike the groin, it will cause a reflex, like a hand moving off of a hot stove, of the attacker bending over and bringing their eyes within range for your kids to gouge).  Remember Rule #1.

More “targets” can be added with experience and training.  See for more info.  When you’re in a kill or be killed worst case scenario, your kid’s (depending on age and size) need to be trained to help out the family or themselves.  You have probably trained them to fire a gun, why not also train them to end a threat with their hands?

Lesson 8:  How to strike a “Vital Target”?  You need to strike a vital target (Eyes, Throat, Groin, Solar Plexus, etc…) by moving your body weight into your attacker and through a tool (gun, knife, club, improvised tool extender or body part tools such as hammerfists, palm heels, knees, fingers, thumbs, elbows, forearms, shins, boots, etc…) in order to cause an injury to your attacker(s), so you and your family can get away.  Your goal should be to render your attacker(s) unconscious, incapacitated or dead.  Your goal is not to “beat up” your attacker(s), but to end the threat as quickly as possible to get your family home safe.  Do not stop injuring targets until you feel the threat is completely neutralized and you and your family could safely turn your backs on the attacker(s) and get away.

Lesson 9:  Get the hell out of there!  Do not wait for the police to arrive. You could be arrested and say something stupid in the heat of the moment.  Go call an attorney and let your attorney contact the police.  You also don’t want other people to come on the scene, see what is happening and assume (incorrectly) that the people you’re stomping and smashing are the good guys and they need to help them out.  Friends or gang associates of your attacker(s) might show up and want some revenge on the family that took out their buddies.  You might get caught in a riot.

Lesson 10:  Take lessons in a target based self defense/protection system and not a martial art.  Martial arts are way to technical, take way too long to learn and are geared to defend against people from the past (think about it).  Also, over the years a lot of martial arts have been turned into sport based systems.  Some of the old school moves, that might have helped you in a real worst case scenario attack, have been taken out of their program so that people can spar for points and submissions and to train without injuring the other person.  You can’t “Tap Out” in the real world.  Or they will hold back the “good stuff” until you finally reach your black belt.  Do you have time to wait and get a black belt and hope that what you learn will actually work in the real world?  What if you need to survive an attack right now?  What are you going to do?

I hope you enjoyed my first post.  I am not a writer, but do my best to get the information presented in a logical manner.  Be safe, and always remember Rule #1!

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet”  Maj. Gen. James Mattis

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” Leonardo Di Vinci

Coach David Alexander (Self Defense Expert)

7 year old survives attack using

7 year old survives attack using

9 year old survives attack using